What We Do

Rising Nomads

Rising Nomads’ objective is to ensure that all people on the Horn of Africa are able to act as full participants in the social, economic and political development of their communities. To achieve this goal, Rising Nomads empowers women, girls, families and young people to pursue their own ambitions and contribute to their own communities without fear of violence, harassment, exclusion, or exploitation.

Rising Nomads programs are focused on four primary thematic areas: gender equality, youth empowerment, climate change, and income and employment.

Underlying our approaches to each of these program areas is our commitment to the values of belonging, dignity and justice. As Aida Mariam Davis, the author of the BDJ framework states, belonging, dignity and justice are “humanity’s most precious and universal values” enabling all people, especially the most marginalized within a society, to feel “welcome, valued, and safe.” We believe these values must form the basis for rebuilding a Somalia that is stable, safe, prosperous, and inclusive, and therefore must also undergird our own program design, delivery, and decision-making processes.

Our Priorities